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Welcome to Trinity Web Design Ltd – Trusted Web Partner creating industry-leading website solutions using WordPress, the world’s favourite content management platform

On this web design resource page we explore various types of WordPress websites, by no means all options available, highlighting the advanced design principles and technical functionalities that transform digital presence and online revenues. Visit our ‘live’ Client WordPress example sites giving the experience as well as the look for differing types of WordPress designs. And at anytime click to interact with the Trinity Team!

Understanding WordPress

WordPress: The Backbone of Modern Website Development

WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet, making it the top choice for businesses (of all size and type), creatives, and developers. Its flexibility, robust SEO capabilities and a vast array of plugins and themes make it an ideal platform for virtually any type of website.

Types of WordPress Websites

Business Websites

A professional business website is crucial for establishing credibility and engaging customers. Trinity offers bespoke and niche WordPress themes that are not only appealing but also tailored for specific business needs, including integration with contact forms, Google Maps and social media platforms.

eCommerce Websites

Using WordPress combined with WooCommerce, we creates businesses (both large and small) online stores, sometimes referred to as online shops in the UK. Trinity’s key features and functions are vast – some include customisable product pages, user discounts and special pricing, payments using purchase orders, a user-friendly shopping cart and secure payment gateways. Trinity ensures that client eCommerce sites are visually appealing and optimised for maximum sales conversions. Our shop builds quickly become ‘self-financing’, the benchmark of great ROI.

Portfolio Websites

For single person businesses and contractors, professionals or service providers, a portfolio website showcases work attractively and professionally. Trinity’s bespoke WordPress theme is tailored to each portfolio to best highlight services, photographs, artwork or customer case studies – all presented in a visually stunning layout that speaks to client expertise, experience and style.

Content Hub Websites

WordPress is an excellent platform for building content hub websites, which are centralised repositories designed to organise and distribute content around specific business products, services or offerings. These hubs help businesses establish authority, improve SEO and engage audiences more fully by providing a wealth of information and detailed resources in a structured and easy-to-access way.

Training Services Websites

WordPress is an outstanding platform for creating training services websites due to its flexibility and the vast array of available learning management system (LMS) plugins. Trinity designs these sites to facilitate education and training through various multimedia formats, providing an interactive and user-friendly experience for learners. Plus, depending on client requirements, we create Booking Systems to allow for new and existing customers to book services.

Membership Websites

Creating a membership site with WordPress offers exclusive content, courses or services. Features like member profiles, tiered membership levels and content restrictions – preventing viewers accessing or viewing content not designed for them – can be managed seamlessly, providing a smooth user experience and a reliable revenue stream.

Blog Websites

From personal to corporate blogs, Trinity and WordPress makes it easy to publish and manage content. Enhanced features such as categories, tags and comments facilitate an organised layout that helps visitors navigate your site and search engines to index it effectively. Plus, at Trinity we can create multiple author bio’s to ensure your audience connects with individual people within a business – leading to deeper end customer relationships.

Web Design for Small Businesses in Teesside

Small Business Web Redesign by Trinity

Trinity Website Redesign Example for our Client NWE Waste Services Ltd based in Manchester, in the North West of England


Firstly, let’s talk about how website design works (in more detail). And know straight away that we can do it all for you; or work together. We can use your exact colour codes to achieve 100% consistence to existing branding. Or simply choose from a palette of colours which will compliment the site, audience you want to build. We build all sites using only WordPress & WooCommerce if using an eCommerce platform; they’re easily the best!


How to design a website considering the pages needed. That’s where our experience will continue adding value as a website design company with a long history of creating effective web assets.
We have been small business owners for 13 years. Starting, scaling and selling multiple small businesses with websites and eCommerce stores.
Understanding the ways in which we can help other small business owners and leaders is our USP.


How we work on eCommerce website design (known as eCommerce website design) or other types of sites (scroll to our FAQs section).
Trinity deploys a full onboarding system, managed by our senior team, and use ‘wireframes’ as an example to layout the design elements – in web design we call this ‘UI’ – which means User Interface, and it’s how the page and designed elements will look to the viewer. First impressions really count.

After a thorough search for a reliable company to trust our website redesign with, Trinity were recommended to us. The way they dealt with the whole process was incredible. We had a clear brief which was delivered within a tight timeframe. We highly recommend their web services offering – NWE Waste Services Ltd!

Andy Marshall, Director & Founder

Responsive Web Design Using Best Web Site Design Software + Build Architecture

Engaging sites

Beautiful sites with elements which encourage maximum engagement and interaction.

Effective purpose

Achieves the digital design aims and business purpose by skilfully speaking to the audience.

Built to last

Latest and leading clean code, design and build architecture for lasting performance.


A+ 100% Passes Core Web Vitals with almost perfect scoring, therefore favoured by Google.

Best-Practice Build Ensures Fastest Speed Performance for Google Web Design

Enterprise-grade Security

Our rock-solid platform was carefully crafted from every angle to protect your site from threats. Meaning far more peace of mind… 

Enterprise-grade Uptime

Infrastructure is optimised to give your site maximum uptime and insanely fast page speeds. Our container technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform enables us to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between…

Fastest eCommerce Stores

Powerful platform optimised for site speed! Our compute-optimised dedicated servers will have your online shop performing…

24/7/365 Expert ‘human’ Support

No matter where you’re at, you’ll be able to access our friendly support team with a single click. You can chat with a helpful human, and find the answers you need in one place. Our Technical WordPress and WooCommerce Experts are here to serve you…



We have that covered! Always the cleanest code

Google-friendly and only ever clean code, best-practice website builds

To ensure Google ranks and favours your website we build using best-practice design infrastructure, with clean code, and make sure sites pass the Google Core Web Vitals. That’s one of our competencies to delivering great web design…your site being promoted and organically ranked well by search engines…not to mention being more ‘future-ready’ for when changes happen. A change in Google’s Algorithm is never a worry.

These key elements contribute to building the best sites for our clients, and are never compromised. We use the very highest quality of themes, plugins and ‘in-house’ code customisation.

Help Choosing Your Website Font, Copy, Voice And SEO Authority

When it comes to styling your website the options are endless!


industry-specific photography


high quality stock images


striking sector imagery


illustration style


3D objects style


graphical style


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