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Creating new websites for small to medium sized businesses and established UK SMEs

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Web services for small to medium sized businesses and more established UK SMEs


14 years experience developing and scaling online shopping WooCommerce stores

Brand Colours Development

Starter website from scratch with small budget affordability from only £500

Aimed fairly and squarely at helping new businesses and individuals get online with great digital presence and thoughtful promotion.


Redesigned website for site growth from £99 per month on Pay-monthly Plan*

Taking existing site content & SEO and improving design, function and return on investment with predictable Pay-as-you-Go.

Social Media & SEO Services Middlesbrough Teesside

Grow existing website using digital marketing and SEO from £299 per month*

Social, marketing and advanced SEO practices used to develop existing sites. More traffic and ‘self-financing’ conversions.


Expert Developers of WordPress for Enhanced Returns and Improved Engagement

Every client requirement is entirely unique. If you have a WordPress site then we can help develop it. And if you use WooCommerce for eCommerce then we can help with development too. Plus we have ‘ready-to-go’ website designs or eCommerce solutions if you need to start from scratch, or start a new. Your call, but we can help!

Costs of website development – by migrating your website over to our industry-best hosting platform you will start to benefit right from the start of the process. With our enterprise-grade security, uptime and speed performance your site will already have an serious advantage, effortlessly. So website development is on the way straight out of the gate by using the leading site hosting and customisation.

Annual hosting plans are available through simple negotiations, and after a quick review, with transparent communications where we will genuinely detail the gains available from hosting. And if you are happy to proceed – we will complete the process for free – then get to work delivering the specific development you require…

New Website Design – Complete Solution

‘self-financing’ ROI with strategic experience for growth

FAQs covering types of website, the role of a designer and more…

The 3 main types of web design are eCommerce website (online shop), marketing website (ideal for corporate) and brochure website (known as portfolio). Others exist too, such as content, blogging, video streaming, educational, magazine, crowdfunding, knowledge hub etc. Though most website examples fall into the 3 main types.

A web designer has to complete a wide variety of tasks, if they deliver completely ‘in-house’ services such as Trinity. The main tasks needed to produce a website are graphic design, copy writing, colour theory and branding, coding and interactions which use buttons and links to display content. These are literally only a few of the disciplines needed, though they cover a large percentage of a designers time and duties.

Every designer of websites or digital products in general will have their own take and opinions on the answer to this question. For Trinity we believe it’s clear messaging, relevant imagery, interesting content display which uses animation to highlight features and benefits. Plus we only ever produce the very cleanest of code and the highest level of enterprise-grade online security to ensure a site remains safe, effective and productive. Lesser site designs, build architecture and hosting can leave your site badly vulnerable to hackers and viruses. That’s why we only ever produce the best of the best. It’s that simple.

Skills are changing and developing as digital products (websites in particular) are changing to meet the modern demands. Though in general, a designer must possess sound fundamental skills in graphic design, colours theory, font usage and at least some level of proficiency in coding. Although modern sites require less coding expertise, I assure you it’s still a defining difference in personalising a website to deliver on point for the client…

Design usually occurs more organically, meaning from scratch and at the beginning of a site creation. Although some cases exist whereby we redesign a site (produced by another designer, or is an older design past its best), most times designs are new builds. Development differs in that it requires a wider approach to not just design, colours, fonts, branding and interactions, but targeted engagement and bettering the sites return on investment (ROI). Development should be carried out as an ongoing investment, focussed on measuring the sites results and customer/viewer feedback and requirements. Often more complex, but worthwhile!


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