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eCommerce Website in Teesside:
The ‘All-in-One’ Online Shop

eCommerce Websites are ideal for small businesses selling online using WooCommerce & WordPress


Easily Calculate Your New eCommerce Costs

Shop pricing is simple. A complete eCommerce shop costs just £2500 (with optional priced ‘add-on’ functions) available now or for use in future online shop development.

Typical shop costs range from £2500 to £8,000+ depending on shop size, shop products and overall functional requirements.

Smaller eCommerce Shop £2500
Medium eCommerce Shop £5000+
Larger eCommerce Shop £8000+
100% Bespoke Code-customised eCommerce Website Teesside from Trinity means perfect presentation, lightening-fast speeds and higher sales conversions!

eCommerce Website Teesside ‘All-in-One’

From good, to great, to exceptional eCommerce! (Good) eCommerce starts with clear presentation of products and supporting information. (Great) eCommerce includes all the information at hand without navigating away to make an informed buying decision, or choice. (Exceptional) eCommerce requires every ‘human’ and ‘A.I.’ interaction or engagement to be utterly focussed on delighting the end customer: they’re the bits you can’t see here!

The dynamic presentation of information on screen, product upselling and driving volume of sales demands a deep understanding of online buying habits and psychology of sales. Treating logged-in account customers differently to prospect visitors; deploying resources in real-time (and after the sale though process automation and A.I.) makes the difference to return on investment (ROI): good > great > exceptional.

From good to great to exceptional eCommerce is such a journey you’ll want to know about at the beginning before you part with your investment. That’s where Trinity’s sales consulting and business development plays a larger part in successfully growing client online sales…

Andy Laking, Trinity Owner

“People say selling is about having ‘the gift of the gab’ selling is actually about helping people get what they want, or need, genuinely. Do it in an enjoyable way…earning trust as you go…now you’ve got a repeatable commercial relationship; with 30 years sales expertise, I build sales using web experiences this precise way…

Andy Laking, Trinity Web Design Ltd

We have experience and expertise to accommodate any product sector

eCommerce Website Teesside Design Ideas

Firstly, let’s talk about examples of eCommerce and development, in detail: We design, build and host new websites. Plus develop existing WordPress & WooCommerce sites to achieve greater performance and targeted return on investment (ROI). This requires capable interactions and productive user engagement, crucial if you’re looking to increase sales.

When considering the content needed for eCommerce sites: Buying decisions made by customers on your website are massively influenced by ease of use, confidence in branding and through timely serving of information prior to purchase.

By delivering support and guidance right where and when it’s optimal we avoid user-frustration, protecting against a gigantic sale killer!

Trinity Builds eCommerce Perfection
Building Code-customised 100% Bespoke eCommerce (with almost perfect scoring against Google’s metrics) ensures more traffic
Building Code-customised, Distraction-free Checkout gains Clients more buyer commitment, more conversions, with minimal lost sales

Frictionless, Optimised Online Payments

Build an eCommerce website – how we work: We create eCommerce products to display the most relevant and eye-catching features and benefits. Product pages support content such as payment methods, shipping, returns as a helpful guide through the shopping process. In web design we call this ‘UI’ – which means User Interface, it’s how the page looks. We include extra content and/or functions to create and convert sales. We stay active measuring conversions and tweaking for results.

Engagement and interactions needed: We design every function and interactivity to remain frictionless. These include buttons, links, pop-ups, downloads, size guides and payments etc; this is known as ‘UX’, meaning User Experience. Thoughtful functions supports and encourages growth.

Highly optimised functions to avoid abandoned carts or lost sales

eCommerce Website Teesside: Fastest WordPress Hosting for WooCommerce Stores

Trinity’s powerful hosting platform is optimised specifically for site speed! Our compute-optimised dedicated servers will have your WooCommerce shop performing at its best. We’ll take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on running your store, creating your products, and growing your loyal customer base.

Built-in Security for Your Customers

Rest easy knowing your eCommerce site is safe and secure. Our platform is optimised for WordPress to mitigate security risks and will run a SOC 2 Type II examination for security and availability.

We code, or use add-ons, for specific functions…options are endless!

With eCommerce development we can add so much extra value to your online store!

Adding creative functions and interactions you need to make sales fast, without lost opportunities, is limitless. So we consult to understand.


Latest Contract News: Adlington Welding Supplies Ltd Appoints Trinity eCommerce Partner

We are thrilled to announce Trinity Web Design Ltd has been Appointed ‘eCommerce Partner’ by Adlington Welding Supplies Ltd.

This partnership allows Adlington to offer their customers a comprehensive online platform for purchasing all their welding needs, including consumables, accessories and PPE safety supplies.

We are excited to be working with such a respected company in the specialist welding and power generation equipment hire industry sectors nationwide, and look forward to providing service and support to the Adlington team throughout 2023.

Over 30 years experience working within Equipment Hire, Safety Supplies and Construction-related Sectors. Trinity are proudly, and uniquely, helping improve UK Equipment Hirers deliver digital services online

eCommerce Website Teesside Pricing

ecommerce STANDARD


  • WooCommerce Online Shop Training
  • On-page SEO included on every site
  • SSL Certificate & 12 Months Hosting
  • Up to 100 Products – Simple or Variable
  • PayPal Payment Gateway Integration
  • Standard Shipping Methods
  • Standard Stock Control
  • Content Delivery Network & Caching
  • Automated Daily Backups

ecommerce Premium


  • WooCommerce Online Shop Training
  • On-page SEO included on every site
  • SSL Certificate & 12 Months Hosting
  • Up to 250 Products – Simple or Variable
  • PayPal Payment Gateway Integration
  • Advanced Shipping Methods
  • Advanced Stock Control
  • Advanced User Discounts
  • Content Delivery Network & Caching
  • AI Automated Basket Conversion Process
  • Automated Daily Backups

ecommerce BESPOKE


  • WooCommerce Online Shop Training
  • On-page SEO included on every site
  • SSL Certificate & 12 Months Hosting
  • 250+ Products – Simple or Variable
  • Payment Gateway Integration Choice
  • Advanced Shipping Methods
  • Advanced Stock Control
  • Advanced User Discounts & Special Rates
  • Conditional Content For Targeted Users
  • Dynamic Content & Product Offerings
  • Content Delivery Network & Caching
  • AI Automated Basket Conversion Process
  • Automated Daily Backups

New Website Design – Complete Solution

‘self-financing’ ROI with strategic experience for growth


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