Creating new website content

The best content is that which you created and not procrastinated over (then failed to do); because that’s all too often the ‘real-world’ reason website owners don’t freshen-up their site content. It takes commitment.

That’s why Trinity Web Design Ltd makes the process quick and easy so website owners get to help themselves, to help their website, to reach new audiences and engage far better with existing website visitors and followers.

The best time to create content

The best time to create new web content is anytime you have something genuine to present, or promote, to your end user website visitors. That can be customers, prospective customers (checking you out) or any followers or viewers.

Taking time out of your busy working day to make new end user content can be a good habit to have, to form. It really will become second nature to those who enjoy the process, are employed direct or contracted content creators.

Importance of Fresh Website Content for Mobile

The Importance of Fresh Website Content for Mobile

The Importance of Fresh Website Content for Mobile cannot be overlooked. That’s why we have used the same image used for desktop viewers, though resized and compressed it for mobile viewers. Why? Well this is vitally important to: web best practice, fast page load speed and great end user experience according to Google HCU and their ‘preference’ to rank websites, pages and content higher in SERPS.

Video content

Video content is a great modern production of an easily-consumed content form

Blog content

Blog content is a tried and tested content form that is easier to Rank in Google

Image content

Image content can be engaging and usefully seasonal, demonstrating brand activity

Podcast content

Podcast content is the latest type of content that’s easily consumed with user preferece

Visiting websites without fresh content feels like…

It’s like going to a cinema that’s showing films made 18 months ago. There’s nothing wrong with the films, though where’s the incentive to return on a regular basis?


5.0 Star Service

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
After a thorough search for a reliable company to trust our website redesign with, Trinity were recommended to us. The way they dealt with the whole process was incredible. We had a clear brief which was delivered within a tight timeframe. We highly recommend their web services offering – NWE Waste Services Ltd
Andy Marshall NWE Waste Services Ltd
Director & Founder


  • Andy Laking

    Andy Laking is the Owner & Managing Director of Trinity Web Design Ltd. Living in Wynyard, Teesside in the North East of England - Andy has over 30 years experience in Equipment Hire, Safety Supplies, Sales Consultancy and Web Design including Web Services, Development, eCommerce and SEO.

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